BBC Newsnight’s Jeremy Paxman learns about Objet 3D Printing

Jeremy Paxman learns about Objet 3D printing

The BBC Newsnight program has recently done a special on 3D Printing, in the program Jeremy Paxman (presenter) investigates the rise of 3D printing and the challenges it faces.

During the report, Jeremy discusses the technology with Paul Webber from Object, unfortunately he asks some rather odd questions and seems to focus more on the negatives of 3D printing (like piracy and and the threat it poses to traditional manufacturing), rather than focussing on the positives (like how it can be used to improve lives by its use in the medical industry).

However, the show is well worth watching, as it covers many of the basics of 3D printing, it gives a good introduction to the technology, provides some insight into were its heading and how it can be used.  The program also gives us some insight into how the mainstream media view this technology.



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