3Doodler – First Impressions of the 3D Printing Pen

3Doodler 3D Printing Pen First Impressions

Being a backer of the 3Doodler via Kickstarter means I was one of the lucky ones to recieve my 3D Pen before they are available to buy online, although you can now pre-order them for delivery in March 2014.

The 3Doodler comes in a well designed bright blue box, and inside I found the Pen, Power Supply and the ABS plastic I’d ordered with it.

After opening the box, I quickly plugged in the Pen and waited the minute or so for it to warm up, then after inserting a stick of plastic I was doodling in 3D.

It’s a little strange to begin with, and at first all I made was a mess, but after some practice I soon started to get the hang of drawing with the 3D Pen.

It’s quite a bulky device, but comfortable to hold and well balanced. The pen has an hole at the top where you insert the plastic, a switch on the side to set it for ABS or PLA plastic, two buttons on top of the pen and a power socket underneath where you connect the power cord.

3Doodler 3D Printed Pen Holder

The two buttons on top of the pen control the speed the plastic is delivered, the front button is the fast speed, the back button is the slow speed (I always seem to use the slow speed, which is sometimes too fast!). You can also press both buttons simultaneously to reverse the plastic out of the pen (when you’ve finished with it or want to change colour).

The first decision is what to make with it, I opted to make a pen holder, and I have to say I impressed myself with how quickly and relatively easy it was to make! I now have my very own unique pen holder made with my 3Doodler using ABS plastic in a grey colour.  It’s a little delicate, and only holds around 10 pens, but for my initial effort it’s not bad.

Overall I’m very pleased with the 3Doodler, it does exactly what I expected and I’m looking forward to spending many hours making lots of hand made articles.

3Doodler Version 2

A new version of the 3Doodler pen is now available.

3Doodler Accessories

There are also quite a few accessories available to help you to get the most out of the pen and create some great artwork.

3Doodler Child Safe Pen

3Doodler have also launched a Starter pen, which is Child Safe and uses eco friendly plastic.



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